15 Field Focus - Uganda - a good neighbor to have


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Our Guest : Sister Cecelia Fuathum - Educator, Counselor, Missionary to the Sudanese Refugees


Quote to Ponder: "The heart of forgiveness is the greatest heart that we need.  In that way we can become holy, after our Master." - Sister Cecelia 


Sister Cecilia is a student at Walsh University and is of the order of Little Flower Saint Mary Emmaculate of Uganda.  Sister Cecelia has an extensive career in education and took her expertise to the camps of Sudanese refugees in 1998.  Where she was the education coordinator for primary and secondary teachers.  Now Sister Cecelia will lead her people in another way.  She is pursuing her Master's Degree in Counseling which she will take back to her native country of Uganda to train other counselors in the work of reconsiliation, bringing healing after over two decades of conflict and trauma.

Focus Notes:


  • Sister Cecilia and educator and a student  
  • Her call to work with Sudanese refugees - 1998  
  • Uganda's open doors  
  • Jesuit refugee mission and ministry  
  • Refugee camp conditions and environment  
  • Uganda is 75% - 80% Christian  
  • Branches of Christianity working together for one goal  
  • Root issues of persecution in Sudan  
  • New hope for an independent Southern Sudan  
  • Uganda's own long history of war and conflict  
  • The trauma of 22 years of war - The Lord's Resistance Army  
  • The new enemy of global economic crisis and unemployment  
  • The goal for reconsiliation  
  • Healing broken people - forgiveness