22 Field Focus - A Year in review – 2011 – 21 Diverse and Exceptional Interviews


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Quote to ponder:

“God is so thoughtful.  He remembers our dreams and our visions long after we've forgot them.”   Yvonne Herring 

Rob and Yvonne look back on an abundant first year with the new Field Focus missionary minded radio program.

Are you sitting in Church and thinking to yourself that God isn't doing anything?  Just open your windows and open your eyes.  God is doing awesome and amazing things!  God is so alive.  He is moving in a way that maybe he has never moved before.

In October 2010 Yvonne and Rob worked together on a missionary DVD presentation and in the process merged our dreams and strengths with a vision to connect Christians to the mission field by way of on-line radio interviews that high light the people and ministries in a way that would both inspire and challenge the listener.  The heart beat of Field Focus is best captured by

Bono (of U2)'s pearl of wisdom given to him by another Christian,  who wisely advised Bono to “Stop asking God to bless what you're doing.  Get involved in what God is doing, because it's already blessed.”  Thanks to all our listeners.  We pray that God 's plan for each and everyone of you is becoming clearer and more real on a daily basis .

Focus Notes: 

Quotes worth pondering more:
  • Episode #16 “Governments cannot shut off peoples living rooms... and governments cannot         shut the hearts of the people” Dennis Weins,  SAT 7 (The Middle East)
  • Episode #13 “God had shifted my direction.  But actually he brought me back, back to the   place I couldn't get in to”  Katrina, Reflections of Hope (Chita, Siberria)
  • Episode #10  “ I want to be effective where ever I go because we don't have a lot of time.”            Pastor Moss, New Beginnings Four Square Gospel Church, (short term missions to Togo,         Niger, Cuba)
  • Episode #6  Ryan Gregg  “The way we go up with Christ is to go down with our brothers.  It's      about forgiveness”  Shevet Achim (Jerusalem, Israel)
  • Diversity – Long and short term missionaries, all around the globe, 2 authors, a Catholic Nun, a Child Care Director, an “ordinary” women... all extraordinary quests!
  • Messages in a bottle, thrown into the ocean are being found
  • Thailand listener finds us through our missionary interviews
  • Ugandan Pastor sends us his ministry

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More to come – 2011 to 2012,  a coma, not a period.

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