25 Field Focus - The Willie Santiago Rock Star Tour


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Quote to ponder: 

“Grace flows through relationships”


Our guest:

Willie Santiago,

Cuba Connection Ministry

Former Pastor & Church Planter


Focus notes: 

  • Cuba Connection Ministry – Not an organization but a network
  • Fostering relationship for advancing the Kingdom of God for over 14 years
  • 53 years history of no relationship between the US and Cuban governments
  • 8 fold increase in Christian population in Cuba since 1960
  • The biggest Church revival in Cuba's history happening today
  • A new generation of young Christian leaders
  • “tearing down walls ministry”, the house churches of Cuba
  • Cuban emphasis on relationship in evangelism
  • Cuban missionaries to other Spanish speaking countries
  • Cuba closer than you think
  • Getting to Cuba is easier than you think
  • An invitation to the short terms missions minded
  • Suffering for Christ in 1st class accommodations and a roast pig feast awaits
  • Best utilize the skills of your missions team with advanced planning


Cuba Connection ministry is like a hinge pin for the Church in the US and in Cuba, connecting the two, to work together in advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Willie Santiago is all about relationships.  He says, “I haven't come for your check or your offering...I have come for your heart”.  Willie serves the Lord today because in 1939 an American missionary led his grandmother to Christ.  Out of this seed, a mustard tree of pastors and Christian workers has grown in the Santiago family.  Today there is an explosion of revival, as never before, among the youth in Cuba who are predominantly first generation Christian.  With the rapid growth of the church, building teams, pastoral teachers, agricultural engineers and many other skills are needed. Our Cuban neighbor is just 90 miles off the coast of Miami, with flights leaving out of Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami every day.    What a great door this is to take your skill and your heart to Cuba.  Willie will meet you at the airport.


For a great door and effectual is opened unto me,   1 Corinthians 16:9a


Contact information: williesantiagocuba@yahoo.com


Cell phone (until mid May):  407-973-3765