fearfully and wonderfully made


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Quote to ponder:  “Way back at the start before there was time, the God of the universe had you in mind”. - Susan Moody “When we know whose we are, we can live out who we are.”  - Rob Coburn


Our Guests:  Susan Moody - Author, Minister, Speaker, Self Esteem Seminar Leader; Bobby Johnson - Artist, Illustrator


Focus Notes:

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – A children's book about the why of self-esteem
  • Grades 1-4 reading level
  • Psalm 139's message of  worth
  • Grown up lessons in a child's story
  • Two sisters, two sets of gifts, converging passions, and a single dream and vision
  • The expressive art form of cut paper sculpture illustrations
  • Special 10% off discount offer to listeners - Code "FUSION"