We have seen in the world that average or status quo is the easy way to go.  In fact mass marketers, market to the middle, the average person; this business model is great for mass marketing a product. This is great for efficiency and productivity.  Everyone is numb to this model because we live in it every day.  The problem with this model is that the factories were created and that led to mass marketing to keep the organization hopping.

A small mission or organization has to build their system focused on the individual customization of their product.  When meeting a new group of people, you need to consistently be thinking how your product (brand) can change to meet the needs of those you are serving.  Every small organization has this advantage on their larger counterparts, customization for every group.  We all need to eliminate the idea of mass from our marketing and communication and change to a mind of customization for every person we interact with.
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A friend called me the other day at the last minute and asked me to go with him to the Indians game.  It had been a while since I had been to one, so we jumped into the car and just made it up to the stadium in time for the first pitch.  I found it so amazing the amount of marketing messages we encountered on the way to and while in Progressive Field.  Obviously, these messages work because most people there were snacking on something.