Missionary Interviews


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Quote to Ponder:  "During true revival, thousands of lost are suddenly swept into the kingdom of God.  Scenes of the lost coming to the Savior in great, and unprecedented numbers, are common.”  - Henry Blackaby, Pastor & Author


Our Guest:

Missionary to the Nations

Focus Notes:

  • Kathyrn Sears – a small frame and a big faith
  • 22 years of international ministry and missions
  • How God called an English lady to Liberia
  • Word and Deed Ministries is the Gospel + humanitarian aid
  • 42 gallon container shipments sent monthly with scripture and aid 
  • Building Churches, supporting local Pastors
  • Entrepreneur for small business for Liberian Christians
  • A cell phone in every mud hut!   Solar cellphone charging booths
  • Video clubs generate revenue and the Gospel
  • Planning a 6th trip to Liberia, West Africa
  • Liberia a country bought to it's knees
  • Over 14 years of civil war and centuries of idol worship bring no answers
  • Good News in 2012: 3,000 come to Christ in 3 weeks in the remote Interior of  Liberia
  • God's Word, Church and Christians where there were none.
  • February 2013 going further into the interior of Liberia and beyond to Guinea
  • P.S. Faith and prayer are still brings miraculous healings here in Cleveland, Ohio


Don't say, “I can't personally impact the nations with the Gospel.”  Join us for this inspiring interview with our guest Kathryn Sears.  She was saved in 1979, at the age of 19.   She studied God's Word intently.  Her ministry was birthed in prayer on her knees rather than by any sending

This message is controversial to some and just so you know it comes from many years watching the relationships between the missionary and supporter. Missionaries are in a small business, which denies common logic.  They are selling a product “themselves/cause” and need to be very proficient at it.  This post will help.

Many missionaries invest in the “one transaction model” of fundraising (which may be by accident).  They travel, speak and fail to gain weekly, monthly or yearly ongoing support from their audiences.  They put everything into a one shot transaction, which only a few people engage in. My suspicion is that they are getting both sides of the equation wrong, by making the cost of each connection very high.
Here’s how: Missionaries fail to ask these fundamental questions:

Two things every missionary needs to know:


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Quote to ponder:

“God is so thoughtful.  He remembers our dreams and our visions long after we've forgot them.”   Yvonne Herring 

Rob and Yvonne look back on an abundant first year with the new Field Focus missionary minded radio program.

Are you sitting in Church and thinking to yourself that God isn't doing anything?  Just open your windows and open your eyes.  God is doing awesome and amazing things!  God is so alive.  He is moving in a way that maybe he has never moved before.

In October 2010 Yvonne and Rob worked together on a missionary DVD presentation and in the process merged our dreams and strengths with a vision to connect Christians to the mission field by way of on-line radio interviews that high light the people and ministries in a way that would both inspire and challenge the listener.  The heart beat of Field Focus is best captured by