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This is Call to Action of a different sort.  Many people want you to purchase a product from there blog or an affiliate link, but that is not what this is about.  For those regular followers, you have been hearing from many people in the missionary world on our Field Focus episodes, speaking of their calling and the great things that are happening in the Kingdom calling they are in.  If you haven't, I say WELCOME and here are some to give a try - Jeff Johnson, Voice of the Martyrs, Sr. Pastor Walt Moss

Since we started this series we have seen an explosion in results from our efforts. Missionaries are using these interviews to assist in raising support, as well as their influence in new markets.  I have been up front in the past about my calling to assist missionaries and organizations improve their fundraising capabilities and use technology to its full potential.  
Energized by these successes, we are launching a new and powerful endeavor. We are going to follow God’s leading and make Field Focus a nationwide household name. For this massive undertaking we need your help.  Today, I ask this community to send the message below to all missionaries or mission minded people you know.  This will help your friends to get their missionary story told FREE of charge to a whole world of listeners.  That’s right FREE, each missionary interviewed for our show will have full access to the interview and be able to use it in any way they please.  
So the challenge has been made, forward this message to your world of missionaries and mission minded people through any means possible like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many more. Assist your friends in what others are calling a great asset for their ministry.  
Attention Missionaries our show was created for you!

Email us today at to

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