social media

Email marketing is still an essential part of the fundraising for most non-profits and missionaries. Even in the social media age email is still an essential tool in the mix.  By having a list of essential partners, you can get the word out not only to the world, but to the people and organization that believe deeply in what you do.  So how can you get email to work best for your community?   

I just got done working with a missionary that has been in the field for a few years and is looking to expand his support base.  We have been talking over the past months about growing his giving base to where it actually supports his family.  He is tired of the roller coaster, wondering when this call will actually support him.

There’s a problem…he needs new supporters, Today!


The Three-Step formula to raising support.

I am about to take a leap into these Three-Steps for raising support.  Always remember that these steps are a general outline of things that need to happen to solidify your support structure.  Through a blog post, I cannot provide 100% point specific information for each of you; so build your structure to reflect the giftedness you have and that sticks to your core values and beliefs.  Let’s jump in….