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Our Guest: Katrina Yoder – Missionary to Orphans in Chita Siberia in Russia; with Reflections of Hope out of Dalton, OH.

Quote to Ponder – 
“God had shifted my direction.  But actually he brought me back…back to the same place I couldn’t get into.” – Katrina Yoder


How far would you go to share the love of Christ?  Siberia is a forgotten mission field and its orphans are the forgotten of Siberia.  Only the providence of God can explain how a young social worker from Ohio has found her place among the generations of orphans in need of a heavenly father in the little known city of Chita.  Katrina will be returning for her 3rd year with greater clarity and vision.  Join us as we hear what God is doing in a land best known for its exile and labor camps that housed so many Christians during the reign of persecution in the former USSR.