28 Field Focus - Living Beyond Awesome: A story of Inspiration


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Quote to Ponder:

"Living Beyond Awesome was really an emotional and physical journey for me." - Jen McDonough




Guest: Jen McDonough

Speaker, Author, Motivational Storyteller, Devoted Mom 

Points to Ponder:

  • What is an Ironman race?
  • Why would anyone want to compete in it?
  • Writing a book will change your life
  • Your story has power in it
  • You cannot run alone, support is necessary
  • Planning is essential


On today's interview, we are able to take an inside look at the life of a mother who felt a call to transform her life and commit to something extraordinary.  You will be blessed to hear of Jen's commitment to family, training and worship as she walks out her calling.  Her book Living Beyond Awesome will change your life as it has for people around the world.  Listen to the entire show and then please let us know in the comments what this interview motivated you to do.  Today is the day to do something extraordinary in your own life.  tell us about it below.


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