My Story

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Brief Bio

Rob Coburn coaches missionaries to fundraise at a higher level by using the power of each of their personal stories.  Rob has been an entrepreneur since the age of sixteen and has started and operated many businesses in the last fifteen years.  As a follower of Christ, he was always drawn to missions and having family members in missions saw the process from every angle.  He knows that many of the struggles in missions revolve around Fundraising and Communication.  In the fall of 2010, he left his companies to pursue God’s calling on his life. 

Assisting missionaries create an economic engine and flourish is his passion.  Since beginning, many people have taken notice inviting him to speak to mission students, congregations and mission boards.  Additionally, he hosts Field Focus which is a radio show focusing on telling missionary stories from around the world.  We each have a story that is powerful when presented in the right environment; that is where Rob is in his sweet spot.

More About Rob Coburn

OK, entrepreneur…you may be having questions and want the full story,  Check this out.

I’m the president of Coburn Coaching.  My team helps people get out of debt, do the work they love, and help people go on to change the world.  I have done all of those things first as a Financial Coach, then helping with traditional careers.  I was good at those, but quickly found that my passion was for the missionaries in the field.  My team still covers all of these aspects and much more.

I host a weekly radio show called Field Focus. This show is where my co-host Yvonne and I highlight missionaries’ stories from around the world.  We interview interesting people and tell their stories each week to motivate you and inspire you to do more to impact the kingdom from right where you are.  We know that the best stories of transformation are left in the field so we go there and bring those to you.

I have over 30 years experience in bucking the system and trying to find ways to do things better (yeah, ever since I was born). This experience has led to some heartache with employers, but has led me to create a system that assists missionaries to utilize everyday stories to fuel an economic engine that generates funds while they serve and build the kingdom.

Above all else, I am a husband to my beautiful wife Jennifer, and a father to two beautiful daughters Caitlyn and Kylee.  They are why I do what I do, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

Work with me

I work with a limited number of people each month, primarily through three different ways.

  1. I work very closely with missionaries to help them build an economic engine.
  2. Grab a seat around the kitchen table and we’ll work one-on-one.
  3. Join me at the Free Agent Academy and you’ll also get to work with a bunch of my closest friends and mentors.

If you don’t know where to start or if you’re stuck, send me an email with your story. I’ll do my best to help.


I travel speaking and training. I’ve spoken to mission students, to congregations, and many places in between. You can find out a bit more and book me on my speaking page.