23 Field Focus - Carrying on an over 40 year legacy of World Wide Missions at Massillon Baptist Temple

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Quote To Ponder -

“Lord if this is your will, I don't want to miss it. “ -  Cecil Thayer


Our Guest:

Cecil Thayer –    Senior Pastor, Massillon Baptist Temple

 Missionary to South Africa (1996-2006)


Massillon Baptist Temple – Founded by Pastor and visionary Bruce Cummons in 1950, who from the start put missions first in his church.

Massillon Baptist College – Founded in 1973, has sent out over 600 graduates serving on the mission field.

Massillon Baptist School – Nearly 40 years of teaching children K-4 through 12, providing a state accredited Bible based education. 

Massillon Baptist Annual Missions conferences – every third week in October.  2,500 seating capacity.

The 2012 conference this October focuses on Israel and will feature Ed Frampton, Missionary to The Jews in South Africa

Messages heard on local radio, WTIG every Sunday morning and evening services. Over 50 years of broadcasting God's word, that at one time covered 80% of the world under founding Pastor Cummons.


Website – www.mbcaf.org – live stream


Massillon Baptist Temple – looking ahead

            Room to grow – over 50 acres of land

            New visions and leadership under our quest, Pastor Thayer .

Higher education with a new focus on Missions.  50% of college students enrolled are in a            missions program under Dr. Stan Anderson, veteran missionary to Brazil..

How do you know that God wants you to be a missionary?  Cecil Thayer says it starts through meeting other missionaries.   

Pastor Cecil Thayer is married to Kelly who is from Massillon.   They have 4 Boys; Cecil, Aaron, Joshua, and Isaac.  Both Kelly and Cecil were saved at Massillon Baptist Temple in 1988.  Within three months of salvation Cecil felt called to preach. At that time he also met missionary Ken Eubanks of South Africa and started focusing on the mission field.  Both he and Kelly enrolled in Masssillon Baptist College, graduated in 1993, and spent the next three years raising support as missionaries to South Africa, where they served from 1996 to 2006.    While home on furlough in 2006, God called Cecil to pastor the Massillon Baptist Temple.   From his background in accounting to his experiences on the missions field, he is now able to pour all that God has poured into him, into this church, college and school.

You're in for a real treat as you listen to how God moves through lives and prepares us for his purposes. As you read and listen please PASS IT ON through social media as well as speading this show link through email.

Check back next week for part two of this interview as we take a closer look at Cecil Thayer's missionary experiences in South Africa.