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Not that long ago came one of the largest challenges of my life.  God called me to preach for the first time and gave me a message that was hard to preach.  You see sometimes God calls us to step out of our comfort zone and take on something we would have never done in the past just to see if we will be faithfull.  He allows us to choose and that is the start of the battle in this case.  In my study and preparation for the services, there was an obvious calling to use the power of story to express the love of our Heavenly Father.  The story starts with Joseph and Pharaoh’s dream and concludes with the hardest story I have ever told.  Mine.  Take a few minutes and find out why I am who I am.  This is a portion of one of the services.  Please comment and let me know what you think.


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Since the beginning of 2012, my calling has been in flux and I was not sure what was happening.  I am passionate about the missionaries and churches that I have been called to serve, but the flow of interviews had slowed and I was questioning my work ethic, energy and so much more.  Through this time I began to pull back and started evaluating how Total Fusion Ministries was relevant to the world. 

Through the evaluation process I confirmed that it was very beneficial to my market at the current level of service, but there was so much more that could be offered to help these clients change the world. 

  • We will be expanding our Field Focus episodes to include a larger variety of people that are being the hands and feet of Christ on a daily basis including, authors, bloggers, podcasters etc.  These fine folks are on the front lines as well and are influencing the world in their own special way. 
  • We will begin offering seminars and webinars to churches, missionary organizations and non-profits instructing them on many different topics like: “Facebook and the Local Church”, “Power of Personality”, “Mission Branding” and so much more.  These events will begin in the late spring and will be coming to a city near you.  If you are interested in any of these please let me know through our contact page and we will get info to you quickly.
  • We are beginning to role out a new slate of products as well.  Last week we released the first of many E-Books titled “Grow Your Support” and you can receive it FREE by signing up on the form on the right side-bar of our website.  As the year progresses, many new materials and books will be released and I am so looking forward to releasing them to you my followers first and then to the world. 

Now let’s look at some great things bubbling up and coming together.  We are working on a project that I can only tease you with called “The Total Fusion Project” that will make a statement worldwide that we as a people are here to stand for what we believe and will do everything in our power to preserve the influence we have in our nation.  I pray that as this begins to be rolled into the light that the support and words of affirmation will flow as a blessing to the Kingdom. 

Please come along side us as we transform missions, churches and the world ministry as we follow Christ’s call and Change the World.     

This message is controversial to some and just so you know it comes from many years watching the relationships between the missionary and supporter. Missionaries are in a small business, which denies common logic.  They are selling a product “themselves/cause” and need to be very proficient at it.  This post will help.

Many missionaries invest in the “one transaction model” of fundraising (which may be by accident).  They travel, speak and fail to gain weekly, monthly or yearly ongoing support from their audiences.  They put everything into a one shot transaction, which only a few people engage in. My suspicion is that they are getting both sides of the equation wrong, by making the cost of each connection very high.
Here’s how: Missionaries fail to ask these fundamental questions:

Two things every missionary needs to know:


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Quote to ponder:

“God is so thoughtful.  He remembers our dreams and our visions long after we've forgot them.”   Yvonne Herring 

Rob and Yvonne look back on an abundant first year with the new Field Focus missionary minded radio program.

Are you sitting in Church and thinking to yourself that God isn't doing anything?  Just open your windows and open your eyes.  God is doing awesome and amazing things!  God is so alive.  He is moving in a way that maybe he has never moved before.

In October 2010 Yvonne and Rob worked together on a missionary DVD presentation and in the process merged our dreams and strengths with a vision to connect Christians to the mission field by way of on-line radio interviews that high light the people and ministries in a way that would both inspire and challenge the listener.  The heart beat of Field Focus is best captured by

 We all, at one time or another, have to build a team to accomplish our calling more effectively. Missionaries I work with struggle with keeping their team motivated and active while they are in the field.  This is not only an issue with missionaries. In any organization you will see that people will fade or not even accept the position they are qualified for. 

This is a common element of team building that many people mistake for lack of enthusiasm and so on.  We build teams to do the things in areas where our expertise is lacking.  Often in the process, we find what we believe to be the perfect candidate for a specific position.  Upon meeting with them, determining their strengths and ultimately offering them the position, we find that

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Quote to ponder:  “Way back at the start before there was time, the God of the universe had you in mind”. - Susan Moody “When we know whose we are, we can live out who we are.”  - Rob Coburn


Our Guests:  Susan Moody - Author, Minister, Speaker, Self Esteem Seminar Leader; Bobby Johnson - Artist, Illustrator


Focus Notes:

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – A children's book about the why of self-esteem
  • Grades 1-4 reading level
  • Psalm 139's message of  worth
  • Grown up lessons in a child's story
  • Two sisters, two sets of gifts, converging passions, and a single dream and vision
  • The expressive art form of cut paper sculpture illustrations
  • Special 10% off discount offer to listeners - Code "FUSION"

While preparing my goals for the new year, I was reviewing my set from the past few years.  I began to question why have i accomplished so much more the last few years than in previous ones. The answer to my question was laying on the floor in front of me.  In the previous years, I would make a resolution and within a few weeks I would begin to miss little pieces of it and before long it was completely forgotten.


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Quote to ponder -  It was Mark Twain who said, If you spend all day telling a fishthat he can climb a tree, you're going to drive yourself crazy and the fish is going to think you're stupid.

Our Guest:  Tim Davis, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Business Coach


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"An Event Planner 2,600 years ago – It was an Ethiopian who cared enough about a Jewish prophet to plead for his life and plan the event that rescued Jeremiah out of the dungeon where the man of God sank in the mire."  - Jeremiah Chapter 38



Our Guest: Janene Buckley-Ala, Native Australian, Missionary to Thailand, Eagle's Rest Ministries


Focus Notes:

  • The Asian National Christian Care and Evangelism workers facing poverty and persecution
  • Referrals to Eagles Rest from varied  Christian organizations
  • A sponsorship based respite care for the servants of God
  • Missions outside of the box – ministering to those who minister
  • The team – Janene, husband Rommel (native Philippine Pastor), 3 daughters, and one son
  • The dreams and the heartbreaks that birthed this ministry
  • The counter cultural concept of rest and renewal
  • Out of the dungeon of despair into the light and wholeness
  • The humble mind set of the average Asian Christian care worker
  • The frailties of flesh and blood that cannot be ignored
  • The value of individual time and attention, matching needs and resources
  • Witnessing the God of the impossible move at Eagle's Rest
  • An open door and invitation to serve the servants of God in Thailand – Plan your event!
  • Plan a sponsorship from where you are