Two things every missionary/non-profit needs to know

This message is controversial to some and just so you know it comes from many years watching the relationships between the missionary and supporter. Missionaries are in a small business, which denies common logic.  They are selling a product “themselves/cause” and need to be very proficient at it.  This post will help.

Many missionaries invest in the “one transaction model” of fundraising (which may be by accident).  They travel, speak and fail to gain weekly, monthly or yearly ongoing support from their audiences.  They put everything into a one shot transaction, which only a few people engage in. My suspicion is that they are getting both sides of the equation wrong, by making the cost of each connection very high.
Here’s how: Missionaries fail to ask these fundamental questions:

Two things every missionary needs to know:

  1. How much does it cost you to get one new supporter?
  2. On average, what's that supporter worth over the relationship you have with her?
Social Media assists in answering these questions because the cost of a new supporter is close to zero. When you build a relationship for free, you don't need to make much on each one to be ecstatic with the outcome.  Note that the ongoing, digital connection with a supporter can dramatically increase the lifetime profit as well.
Are you looking at the lifetime value of your audience, via products, future engagements, and seminars?  Because when you know who your best supporters are you can deliver to them the things they want, resulting in the support you need.  


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